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Actor, Torin Thatcher, was born Torin Herbert Erskine Thatcher on Jan 15, 1905 in Bombay, British India (now Mumbai). Thatcher died at the age of 76 on Mar 4, 1981 in Thousand Oaks, CA .


Torin Thatcher was a tall, burly, dark-haired and strong-looking India-born actor. He played in British films on and off for 20 years before going to Hollywood, where he played villains in westerns, swashbucklers, comedies and thrillers (1936, Sabotage; 1950, The Black Rose; 1953, The Robe) without ever quite making star billing. He began his career as a schoolmaster and enthusiastic amateur boxer before going on the stage. He died from cancer in 1981.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Torin Thatcher Quotes:

Morgan's Aide: Sir Henry! I've just come from the jail, and all the prisoners have been liberated!
Sir Henry Morgan: What?! When did this happen?
Morgan's Aide: The jailer said, Blackbeard did it.
Sir Henry Morgan: Blackbeard? Blackbeard's dead.
Morgan's Aide: He ran a cutlass through the jailer, and he swears it was Blackbeard, with the eyes of a devil!
Sir Henry Morgan: [pounds the desk and jumps up] When did this happen?
Morgan's Aide: About three hours ago. The jailer's died.
Sir Henry Morgan: Blackbeard...
[almost to himself]
Sir Henry Morgan: Suppose Blackbeard, why should he want to enter the jail?
[snaps his fingers]
Sir Henry Morgan: To get a crew! What would he do with a crew when he got it?
[turns to his aide]
Sir Henry Morgan: Was his ship in the harbor when you came in?
Morgan's Aide: She was just sailing out!
Sir Henry Morgan: So that's it! The black-hearted butcher. He thinks he can hoodwink old Henry Morgan, well that's a game at which two can play. He might run from me... but he wouldn't run from the sight of a rich, Spanish galleon! So I think we'll have some devilment tonight in the Nicholas Channel. We'll take that galleon!... and use it as a bait for Blackbeard. When he closes on her, he'll find himself outgunned, outfought, outwitted, and dead as mutton! Come on, let's be at it!

Pendragon: I scheme a thousand nights, put the princess in your very hands and you, imbecile, idiot, allow a mere farmer, a mere mortal to defy me!
Garna: We have failed, master, we have failed.
Pendragon: But only for a moment. I shall have the princess and the farmer shall die. By all the powers of darkness, he shall die!

Myles Falworth: [Sir James instructs Myles to ride a horse among a series of pells - upright supports - with his hands over his head. When he fails, he complains to Sir James that he cannot control the horse] How is the horse supposed to know, unless he has more sense than I?
Sir James: A possibility not so remote as you might imagine.

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Torin Thatcher Facts
A co-founder of the Society for Theatre Research in 1947 and was its Vice Chairman for the Committee.

The favorite villain of director Nathan Juran.

Received the 1957 Sylvania Award for his performance in "Beyond This Place.".

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