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Actor, Tom Helmore, was born on Jan 4, 1904 in London, England. Helmore died at the age of 91 on Sep 12, 1995 in Longboat Key, FL .



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Tom Helmore Quotes:

[last lines]
Corby's assistant: Look what I found at the ring-side, Guv'nor.

[to Scottie]
Gavin Elster: There's no way for them to understand. You and I know who killed Madeleine.

Gavin Elster: She'll be talking to me about something. Suddenly the words fade into silence. A cloud comes into her eyes and they go blank. She's somewhere else, away from me, someone I don't know. I call her, she doesn't even hear me. Then, with a long sigh, she's back. Looks at me brightly, doesn't even know she's been away, can't tell me where or when.
Scottie: How often does this happen?
Gavin Elster: More and more in the past few weeks. And she wanders - God knows where she wanders. I followed her one day, watched her coming out of the apartment, someone I didn't know. She even walked a different way. Got into her car and drove off to Golden Gate Park. Five miles. Sat by the lake, staring across the water at the pillars that stand on the far shore. You know, Portals of the Past. Sat there a long time without moving. I had to leave, get back to the office. When I got home that evening, I asked her what she'd done all day. She said she'd driven out to Golden Gate Park and sat by the lake, that's all.
Scottie: Well.
[Scottie gets up]
Gavin Elster: The speedometer on her car showed that she'd driven ninety-four miles. Where did she go? I've got to know, Scottie, where she goes and what she does before I get involved with doctors.

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Tom Helmore Facts
Starred as "The Shadow" in a prospective TV pilot in the 1950s that didn't pan out.

He was Rex Harrison's understudy in the original stage production of "My Fair Lady."

He is probably most famous today as the man who hires James Stewart to shadow Kim Novak, in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo (1958).

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