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Tom Courtenay Overview:

Actor, Tom Courtenay, was born Thomas Daniel Courtenay on Feb 25, 1937 in Hull, Humberside. As of December 2018, Tom Courtenay was 81 years old.



Although Courtenay was nominated for two Oscars, he never won a competitive Academy Award.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
1965Best Supporting ActorDoctor Zhivago (1965)Pasha Antipov/StrelnikoffNominated
1983Best ActorThe Dresser (1983)NormanNominated

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Tom Courtenay Quotes:

Stacy, Drake House Leader: And always remember, they've got the whip hand.
Colin Smith: Do you know what I'd do if I had the whip hand? I'd get all the coppers, governers, posh whores, army officers and members of parliament and I'd stick them up against this wall and let them have it 'cause that's what they'd like to do to blokes like us.
Stacy, Drake House Leader: You'll learn.
Colin Smith: We'll see.

Brown, House Master: So, uh, how do you come to be here?
Colin Smith: [puzzled] I got sent, didn't I?
Brown, House Master: [chuckles] Yes, I know you got sent, but why?
Colin Smith: I got caught. Didn't run fast enough!

Colin Smith: The best thing to do is be cunning and stay where you are. I'm going to let them think they've got me house trained, but they never will, the bastards. To get me beat, they'll have to stick a rope around my neck.

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Tom Courtenay Facts
He was awarded the 1994 London Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Actor for his performance in Moscow Stations.

Was nominated for two Tony Awards as Best Actor (Play): in 1977 for "Otherwise Engaged," and in 1982 for "The Dresser," a part recreated in his Oscar-nominated performance in the film of the same name, The Dresser (1983).

He was awarded the 1994 London Critics Circle Theatre Award (Drama Theatre) for Best Actor for his performance in Moscow Stations.

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