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Character actor, Thomas Gomez, was born Sabino Tomas Gomez on Jul 10, 1905 in New York City, NY. Gomez died at the age of 65 on Jun 18, 1971 in Santa Monica, CA .


Although well into his thirties before he tried films, scowling American actor, Thomas Gomez, whose greasy black hair fitted his oily characters, was soon a staple part of villainy in numerous 1940s Hollywood thrillers. The 1950s only proved that he was less effective when used as comic relief, and he faded from the scene. He received an Academy Award nomination for "Ride the Pink Horse".

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



Although Gomez was nominated for one Oscar, he never won a competitive Academy Award.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
1947Best Supporting ActorRide the Pink Horse (1947)PanchoNominated

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Thomas Gomez Quotes:

Sylvia Morse: [referring to Joe] Don't have anything to do with him, Leo. You're a businessman.
Leo Morse: Yes. I've been a businessman all my life. And honest - I don't know what a business is.
Sylvia Morse: Well, you had a garage... you had a real estate business.
Leo Morse: A lot you know. Real estate business... living from mortgage to mortgage... stealing credit like a thief. And the garage - that was a business! Three cents overcharge on every gallon of gas: two cents for the chauffeur and a penny for me. Penny for one thief, two cents for the other. Well, Joe's here now - I won't have to steal pennies anymore. I'll have big crooks to steal dollars for me!

Leo Morse: I am sensible. I am calm. I'll give you my answer calmly and sensibly, my final answer. My final answer is finally no. The answer is no! Absolutely and finally no! Finally and positively no! No! No! No! N - O!

Esek Hopkins: Whoever heard of sending Marines to fight on the land?

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