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Ted de Corsia Overview:

Actor, Ted de Corsia, was born Edward Gildea De Corsia on Sep 29, 1905 in Brooklyn, NY. de Corsia died at the age of 67 on Apr 11, 1973 in Encino, CA .



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Ted de Corsia Quotes:

[Rico is convinced that Mendoza has escaped from prison, so Ferguson takes him down to Mendoza's cell]
Joseph Rico: [after looking in] He's smiling at me...
[looks in again]
Joseph Rico: Mendoza! Call them off! I'm not going into court! I swear I won't! Tell 'em! I'm not squealing! Please, tell 'em I'm not...
D.A. Martin Ferguson: Rico! You're gonna talk! Do you hear me? You're gonna talk! You're not blowing up this case! It took four years to put him in that cell and when he walks out he's going to the chair. So you gonna talk, it's the only chance you got to live!
Joseph Rico: I'm afraid. He'll never die.
D.A. Martin Ferguson: He'll die! He's got to die! And you're gonna kill him!
Joseph Rico: I can't! Nobody can! He ain't human.

Clint Cooper: Well, Spang, I never thought I's see you twice in the same day.
Jud Spangler: I don't figure it will ever happen agian... seeing how you ain't got long to live.

Cagle: Well, he sure wasn't bluffing about them barricades, or them gunhands he's got behind them.
Jud Spangler: Gunhands? There ain't ten men in the whole town that knows which end of the gun does the shooting.
Donovan,: Yeah, well, I'd sure hate to find out by having them practicing on me!
Jud Spangler: Listen to me! I'll tell you when you get shot and when not! You understand that? Don't forget it!

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Ted de Corsia Fact
Played the Orson Welles role in the 1951 Lux Radio Theater production of "The Third Man".

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