Steve Cochran Quotes:
Madeline Welton: For three days I'm locked up in a hotel while you're away on a *business trip*. Mustn't talk to anyone; can't go out. Just wait, wait. What am I supposed to do, make faces in the looking glass?
George Legenza: Why don't you do what Mary does? Listen to the radio.

Madeline Welton: Maybe I'll hear you cracked the skull of an old bank guard, killed a truck driver or ran over a child in a getaway. I'm scared! Even liquor won't drive away the nightmares. I can't sleep. When you're away, I'm fenced in and when you come back, it's the same terror. Oh, please, George, please - I want out!
[George slaps Madeline]
George Legenza: Okay, now you got it out of your system. You feel better. Just make like you got caught in a revolving door. Well, come on. We're supposed to be having fun. Enjoy yourself.

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Steve Cochran Facts
Born in Eureka, California but raised in Laramie, Wyoming, the son of a lumberman. His early work included that of a cowboy and railroad station hand.

Married three times and had one daughter, Xandra, by his first wife, artist Florence Lockwood. His relationship with his daughter was strained and eventually they lost touch. His third wife, whom he married at age 44 in 1961 in Las Vegas, was only 19. They later divorced.

Appeared opposite Virginia Mayo in six films, both of them often playing scheming, unsavory types.

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