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Legendary actress, Simone Simon, was born Simone Thérèse Fernande Simone on Apr 23, 1910 in Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône. Simon died at the age of 94 on Feb 22, 2005 in Paris, France .



Simon was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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[last lines]
Dr. Stephen Dominick: Isn't it strange how professors can be so pitifully stupid? It's taken me all these weeks to find out that the only answer to the you.
Marie Claudel: I could have told you that.
[they kiss]

Irena Dubrovna: I like the dark. It's friendly.

Irena Dubrovna: Oh, it's alright. It's just that cats don't seem to like me.

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Simone Simon Facts
Jean Renoir offered her the role of "Christine de la Chesnaye" in The Rules of the Game (1939), but she preferred to go back to Hollywood.

Her maid revealed that she rewarded men to whom she was attracted with a gold key to her boudoir.

Had an affair with a famous WWII spy, Dusko Popov, who was Yugoslavian and thought by the Germans to be a spy for them but in fact was a spy for the British. Popov was a very successful double agent and a well-known ladies man, and during WWII was also acquainted with another spy, Ian Fleming, who later used Popov as the basis for James Bond. It sounds like a movie in itself but it's completely true.

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