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Sharyn Moffett Overview:

Actress, Sharyn Moffett, was born Patricia Sharyn Moffett on Sep 12, 1936 in Alameda, CA. As of December 2019, Sharyn Moffett was 83 years old.



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Sharyn Moffett Quotes:

Betsy Blandings: Ms. Stellwagon has assigned each of us to take a classified ad and write a human-interest theme about it. I found one typical of the disintegration of our present society.
Jim Blandings: I wasn't aware of the fact that our society *was* disintegrating.
Betsy Blandings: I wouldn't expect you to be, Father. Ms. Stellwagon says that middle class people like us are all too prone to overlook...
Jim Blandings: Muriel, I know this is asking a lot, but just one morning I would like to sit down and have breakfast without social significance.
Muriel Blandings: Jim, you really must take more interest in your children's education.
Joan Blandings: Can't squeeze blood from a turnip.

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Sharyn Moffett Facts
Older sister of former child actor Gregory Moffett.

Sharyn Moffett changed the spelling of her name to Sharon to coincide with the Biblical spelling.

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