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Legendary actor, Rossano Brazzi, was born on Sep 18, 1916 in Bologna, Italy. Brazzi died at the age of 78 on Dec 24, 1994 in Rome, Italy .



Brazzi was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Rossano Brazzi Quotes:

Emile de Becque: When all you care about is here, this is a good place to be.

Paul Bonnard: [to Dita] I made you virtuous... I'll buy your virtue.

Paul Bonnard: Walking alone in the desert is wonderful. It's like walking on the face of a clock that's stopped.

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Rossano Brazzi Facts
As a young man, Rossano was quite athletic -- soccer, swimming, tennis, golf, fencing and boxing. He was particularly good at soccer, and assumed the role of goalkeeper for the Florentine college team, where he stayed for two years. During his university years he was also an amateur boxer. He quit boxing when he unintentionally but seriously hurt an opponent.

Attended San Marco University in Florence, Italy, a city in which he lived since the age of four.

Claimed he could see the future in his dreams. He foretold his first girlfriend's illness/death, as well as wife Lydia's illness/death before their illnesses were even diagnosed.

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