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Actor, Richard Boone, was born Richard Allen Boone on Jun 18, 1917 in Los Angeles, CA. Boone died at the age of 63 on Jan 10, 1981 in St. Augustine, FL .



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Commando colonel: [after the failed attack on Rommel's HQ at the beginning, Aldinger finds the wounded commando officer] Did we, did we get him?
Capt. Hermann Aldinger: [smirking] Are you serious, Englishman?

Adam Stewart: [seeing Campbell standing over a dead Grinnel] I thought Grinnel was your friend?
Wick Campbell: That's what makes it so sad. I've known him for years. First time I was ever forced to kill a man, and it had to be a friend of mine.

[Flint is a prisoner in Sheriff Brady's jail]
John Ringo: Now don't misunderstand me, Sheriff. I don't like him any better than you do. About the most I can say for him is that he has been with me a long time. If it was just for that, you could keep him. But it's more than that, Sheriff. It's a matter of principle. You see, Sheriff, those men out there expect me to come out with Flint. Now, how would it look I came out alone. You see, Sheriff, it's just a matter of principle.

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Richard Boone Facts
On a December 14, 1957, episode of "Have Gun - Will Travel" (1957), Boone found himself stripped to the waist by Apaches and bound spreadagle-style between four stakes driven into the ground. So vivid was this scene that leading men in other TV westerns soon found themselves in similar circumstances, most notably Robert Horton in "Wagon Train" (1957) Ralph Taeger in "Hondo" (1967) and Peter Brown and William Smith in "Laredo" (1965).

Traces his ancestry directly back to legendary frontiersman Daniel Boone.

At the end of his life, he taught acting classes at Flagler College in St Augustine Florida.

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