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Actor, Peter Tork, was born Peter Halsten Thorkelson on Feb 13, 1942 in Washington, DC. Tork died at the age of 77 on Feb 21, 2019 in Mansfield, CT of complications from cancer .



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Peter Tork Quotes:

Peter: It's all right, Davy, there's nothing wrong.
Davy: Nothing wrong, huh?
Peter: That's right, I came here to tell you, man, that everything...
Davy: You know what I saw in there?
Peter: Yes.
Davy: An eye, man, an eye, this big, blood red, it was as clear as the nose on your face, it was looking at me.
Peter: Peace, David, I know.

Heraldic Messenger: [Peter opens the door to find a heraldic messenger holding a pretty girl on a chain] Oh, oh, dear, I got a wire for a Monkee.
Peter: Thank you.
Heraldic Messenger: It's a, it was nothing.
Peter: Oh, I wouldn't say that. We all have loved ones, you know.
[the heraldic messenger cackles as he leads the pretty girl away on her chain]

Peter Tork: Let me tell you one thing son. Nobody ever lends money to a man with a sense of humor.

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Peter Tork Facts
Declined an invitation to rejoin The Monkees for a McDonald's TV commercial, as he is a vegetarian (Michael Nesmith also declined, because there was no promise of further work).

Taught algebra and coached baseball at a private school in the late 1970s; also worked as a singing waiter. Said later he'd have been pleased to join Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones in their reunion with Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, had they asked.

Tork and his grandmother were close; when he became a Monkee, "Grams" was one of his staunchest supporters, running a fan club for him, keeping a huge scrap book on The Monkees and checking local record stores to see that they kept Monkees records in stock.

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