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Character actor, Paul Lynde, was born Paul Edward Lynde on Jun 13, 1926 in Mount Vernon, OH. Lynde died at the age of 55 on Jan 10, 1982 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles .



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Birthday of the Week:

By Beth Daniels on Jun 10, 2014 From Mildred's Fatburgers

Born Paul Edward Lynde, June 13, 1926, Died January 10, 1982 Biography : A Biography - His Life, His Love(s) & His LaughterBy Cathy Rudolph, Bear Manor Media, 2013 Center Square, Open Closet You know when somebody asks you what kind of superpower you'd like, yo... Read full article

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Paul Lynde Quotes:

Harry McAfee: I know that showbiz type! I never told you this, but one summer I worked with the circus... all those midgets... WILD! They're probably livin' in sin.
Doris McAfee: Harry Lionel McAfee!
Harry McAfee: They've been engaged for six years. Don't tell me they haven't...
Doris McAfee: We were engaged for five years.
Harry McAfee: He's not as stupid as I was.

Harry McAfee: The next time I have a daughter, I hope it's a boy!

[after Kim has dyed her hair]
Harry McAfee: You dare defy your mother?
Kim McAfee: Well, it's my hair.
Harry McAfee: Not till you're 21!

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Paul Lynde Facts
His older brother Cordon died in World War II.

Told his agent shortly before his death that he had given up cigarettes and alcohol.

Attended Northwestern University (Evanston, IL).

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