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Actor, Oliver Reed, was born Robert Oliver Reed on Feb 13, 1938 in Wimbledon, England. Reed died at the age of 61 on May 2, 1999 in Valletta, Malta .



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The Dark Side of !

By Richard on Apr 28, 2013 From Classic Horror Campaign

British horror movie magazine The Dark Side goes from strength to strength and continues with its exemplary coverage of the classic horror scene in its latest issue. The Dark Side number 153 features a superb cover painting depicting as Hammer Films’ furry fiend and Classic Horror ... Read full article

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Oliver Reed Quotes:

Bill: You can keep the books. Start a library!

Rupert Birkin: I do believe in a permanent union between a man and a woman. Chopping about is merely an exhaustive process. But a permanent relationship between a man and a woman isn't the last word. lt certainly isn't.
Gerald Crich: Quite.
Rupert Birkin: We have to take down this love-and-marriage ideal from its pedestal. We want something broader. I believe in the additional perfect relationship, between man and man. Additional to marriage.
Gerald Crich: I don't see how they can be the same.
Rupert Birkin: No, not the same, but equally important... equally creative, equally sacred, if you like.
Gerald Crich: I know you believe something like that. Only, I can't feel it, do you see?

Gerald Crich: You know, I always believe in love, in true love. But where do you find it nowadays?
Rupert Birkin: I don't know. Life has all kinds of things. There isn't only one road.
Gerald Crich: I don't care how it is with me... as long as I feel... that I've lived. I don't care how it is, as long as I feel that.

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Oliver Reed Facts
By the mid-1970s he was considered by many to be Britain's biggest movie star. He declined roles in The Sting (1973) and Jaws (1975) because he didn't want to relocate to Los Angeles. Both of these roles were taken by fellow British hellraiser Robert Shaw. However, a Hollywood executive claimed, "Reed didn't turn us down. We turned him down. We like our stars to have respect - Oliver Reed didn't respect anyone and he showed it."

Owned a villa in the south of France next door to Jack Hawkins' villa.

He never forgot his Hammer roots. After hitting the big time, he went back to pay homage to his horror beginnings to narrate the full Hammer retrospective, a reminder that his voice was the one quality the English critics admired about him.

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