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Character actor, Ned Sparks, was born Edward Arthur Sparkman on Nov 19, 1883 in Guelph, Canada. Sparks died at the age of 73 on Apr 3, 1957 in Victorville, CA .


Fast-talking Canadian actor Ned Sparks once sold patent medicines in a carnival. When he went into Hollywood sound films, he harangued his audiences with the same unique style that once held his carnival customers in a thrall. With his incisive nasal tones, he became one of Hollywood's most imitated actors and, in between a legion of reporters, press agents and con-men (all of whom seemed to live life on a nervous edge), he made a marvelous caterpillar in the 1933 film, "Alice in Wonderland".

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Ned Sparks Quotes:

Dave the Dude - 'Dave Manville': If we have to dig up a husband for Annie, let's to it and get over it.
Happy McGuire: Now you got to dig up a husband for...
Happy McGuire: Where you gonna get a husband just like that?
Dave the Dude - 'Dave Manville': How about you, Happy?
Happy McGuire: Me?
Missouri Martin: Oh, that's a swell idea. I think you'd be just precious.
Happy McGuire: That's a wonderful idea but there's one thing that stands on the way. I got a wife that is very fussy. She don't like me to go around and marrying people!

Trixie Lorraine: Isn't there going to be any comedy in the show?
Barney Hopkins: Oh, plenty! The gay side, the hard-boiled side, the cynical and funny side of the depression! I'll make 'em laugh at you starving to death, honey. It'll be the funniest thing you ever did.

[When given a stick to use as a riding crop.]
Paul Dodson: I like this. Brings out the wife-beater in me.

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Ned Sparks Facts
His on-screen persona became so famous he was able to get Lloyd's of London to issue an insurance policy for $10,000 in the Depression-era 1930s, against damage to his professional reputation should anyone ever get a photograph of him smiling.

He became one of the founding members of the Actors Equity Association.

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