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Actor, Michael Rennie, was born Eric Alexander Rennie on Aug 25, 1909 in Bradford, Yorkshire. Rennie died at the age of 61 on Jun 10, 1971 in Harrogate, Yorkshire and was laid to rest in Harlow Hill Cemetery in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England.



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The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) with

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Share This! ?I?m impatient with stupidity.??My people have learned to live without it.???? Klaatu () War is always with us, it seems, despite the horrors of its continuance, how little it accomplishes and that one war usually results in another.???If we do not end war,? H. G. Wells wro... Read full article

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Roger Forsyth: You're sort of a mystery man even to your friends.

Reporter: I suppose you are just as scared as the rest of us.
Klaatu: In a different way, perhaps. I am fearful when I see people substituting fear for reason.

Klaatu: I'm worried about Gort. I'm afraid of what he might do if anything should happen to me.
Helen: Gort? But he's a robot. Without you, what could he do?
Klaatu: There's no limit to what he could do. He could destroy the Earth.

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Michael Rennie Facts
Michael Rennie joined the Royal Air Force in 1941, training as a fighter pilot in the United States under the Arnold Plan. While at Napier Field, Dothan, Alabama for his advanced flight training he was asked by fellow trainee, Scotsman Jack Morton, what he did in civilian life. Rennie told Morton and the other pilots gathered around that he was a movie actor. They stared at him in disbelief then broke out in a chorus of laughter. A couple of nights later Rennie and his classmates went into town to watch a movie, Ships with Wings (1941). Not long into the movie, and much to the surprise of those seated with him, Michael Rennie appeared on the screen as Royal Navy Pilot "Lt. Maxwell".

Son of James Rennie (not the actor), who operated a century-old wool mill, and Edith Dobby Rennie. His great-great grandfather, named John Rennie, designed and built New London Bridge.

He had a second son, John Marshall Rennie, with longtime companion Renee Gilbert Taylor. Professionally, his son went by John M. Taylor.

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