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Lowell Sherman Overview:

Actor, Lowell Sherman, was born on Oct 11, 1888 in San Francisco, CA. Sherman died at the age of 46 on Dec 28, 1934 in Hollywood, CA and was laid to rest in Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale) Cemetery in Glendale, CA.



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With her cane and big goofy hat, it?s hard not to think of Lon Chaney in Phantom of the Opera when Mae West breaks out into her first song in She Done Him Wrong. While West wrote the film?s source, a play, it seems like the film would play better as a silent. Her acting ?style? doesn?t lend well to ... Read full article

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Lowell Sherman Quotes:

Wayne Carter: I apologize.
Helene Andrews: For what?
Wayne Carter: For living.

Mary Evans: I'm in pictures. Mr. Carey I'm in pictures!
Maximillan 'Max' Carey: Well don't blame me.
Julius Saxe: Goodbye Mary. I want to talk to you Maxie.
Mary Evans: Goodbye Mr. Saxe. Goodbye Mr. Carey. Thank you!
[Mary turns and walks to the projector room's exit door]
Maximillan 'Max' Carey: Goodbye Mary. Be careful about your options.

Maximillan 'Max' Carey: Would you mind reading that fan letter for me?
[it is written on the front of the shirt he is wearing]
James, Max's Butler: Mary Evans. Five foot four inches. Weight 102 pounds. Complextion blonde. Telephone Gladstone 5309. Sings and swims. Rides horseback.
Maximillan 'Max' Carey: Well, I, I wonder who...?
James, Max's Butler: It must have been the young lady.
Maximillan 'Max' Carey: Young lady? Did I bring some one home with me last night?
James, Max's Butler: No sir, some one brought you home this morning. She's downstairs asleep.
Maximillan 'Max' Carey: I must get a dressing gown!

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Lowell Sherman Fact
Lowell Sherman was, for a time, brother-in-law to John Barrymore with whom he starred in General Crack (1930). Sherman was married to Helene Costello. Her sister, Dolores Costello, was married to John Barrymore.

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