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Lou Costello Overview:

Legendary actor, Lou Costello, was born Louis Francis Cristillo on Mar 6, 1906 in Paterson, NJ. Costello died at the age of 53 on Mar 3, 1959 in East Los Angeles, CA and was laid to rest in Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.



He was honored with three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the categories of Television, Motion Pictures and Radio. Lou Costello's handprints and footprints were 'set in stone' at Grauman's Chinese Theater during imprint ceremony #61 on Dec 8, 1941. In addition, Costello was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame and was immortalized on a US postal stamp in 1991. Costello was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Lou Costello Quotes:

Jack: [to Receptionist] I like girls like you, eyes of blue and five feet two.

Chick Larkin: [talking about Juliet Collins] So she has a couple of buck teeth.
Mervin Q. Milgrim: I don't care how much they cost.

Ferdie: If you see a pair of pants go flyin' through the air, don't grab 'em.
Chuck: Why not?
Ferdie: I'll be in 'em!

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Lou Costello Facts
Radio catchphrase: "I'm a bad boy."

Lou Costello invented the very first commercial automatic ice machine. He planned to market it but lost money on the deal.

He had always suspected Universal Pictures of cheating him and partner Bud Abbott out of some of the profits of their pictures, but he could never prove it (that was one reason he didn't feel guilty about taking home expensive props from the sets of films he was shooting at Universal). One day his manager stopped into a photo supply store in Hollywood to buy some film for his camera and noticed a display that was selling 8mm film clips from films featuring Abbott & Costello that he had never heard of. Upon further investigation, he discovered that Universal was lifting scenes from A&C's early films, retitling them, selling them for the then burgeoning home 8mm market and not paying Abbott & Costello anything, which was in clear violation of its contracts with them. The team sued Universal and received a hefty out-of-court settlement.

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