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Character actor, Lloyd Nolan, was born Lloyd Benedict Nolan on Aug 11, 1902 in San Francisco, CA. Nolan died at the age of 83 on Sep 27, 1985 in Los Angeles, CA and was laid to rest in Westwood Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Television.

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A Thoughtful and Deliberate Actor:

By shadowsandsatin on Dec 6, 2011 From Shadows and Satin

With appearances in nearly 100 films, most of which are scarcely remembered today, was known as the actor who gave ?A? performances in ?B? films.? However, the respected character actor was not only seen in such notable features as Guadalcanal Diary (1943), A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945... Read full article

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Lloyd Nolan Quotes:

Alfred Dunning: [after being caught eavesdropping at the door] I'm Dunning, Mr. Wolff's secretary. If I can be of any service, please let me know.
Michael Shayne: I'll send up a flare.
Michael Shayne: [after Dunning leaves] Who's that - Dumbo?
Catherine Wolff: Oh, no, Dunning. Well, he's been with Dad 25 years. I wouldn't worry about him.
Michael Shayne: [dryly] Oh, I'm not worried. He was just wandering by and got his ear caught in the door.

Michael Shayne: [Giving up trying to batter open the door as the hold fills up with water] Hey, it's no use! How good are you at drowning?
Juan Arturo O'Hara: I did fine last time.
Michael Shayne: [Climbing on top of a crate] Come on. Let's pick ourselves a comfortable spot to do it.

Michael Shayne: [seeing Kay's arm caught in the drop-down berth] Put a torch in your hand and you could pass for the Statue of Liberty.

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Lloyd Nolan Facts
Profiled in "Hollywood Players: The Thirties" by James Robert Parish and Wiliam T. Leonard.

When John Ford rather coyly asked young John Wayne who he thought might be good as "The Ringo Kid" in Stagecoach (1939), Wayne suggested Nolan.

Did not reveal he was terminally ill from lung cancer while doing his last acting role on "Murder, She Wrote" (1984) early in that show's second season. He appears to have filmed the show shortly before his 83rd birthday. It aired after his death six weeks later. The strain of fighting the illness had devastated his memory and much of his physical strength. Series star Angela Lansbury worked hard to get him through his scenes.

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