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Actor, Keith Andes, was born John Charles Andes on Jul 12, 1920 in Ocean City, NJ. Andes died at the age of 85 on Nov 11, 2005 in Canyon Country, CA .



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Keith Andes Quotes:

Larry Fleming: Well, Colonel, when you've seen one atom bomb, you've seen them all.

[Peggy watches as Mae leaves to meet Earl]
Joe Doyle: [to Peggy] Maybe you'd like to go with her.
Peggy: Maybe.
Joe Doyle: That ring on your finger - what'd you put it there for? A decoration?
Peggy: She has a right to do what she wants to if she's in love.
Joe Doyle: In love! Listen to me, blondie. The woman I marry, she don't take me on a wait and see basis. I ain't a dress she's bringin' home from the store to see if it fits and if it don't, back it goes. In my book marriage is a two-way proposition: you're just as much responsible as I am. So, that little eye is gonna roam... if what you think is Joe's alright until somethin' better comes along... honey, you better take another streetcar. Well, what's it gonna be?
[she starts to cry and hugs him tight]

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Daring Darleen Candlewick
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Keith Andes Facts
Had two sons by his first marriage: Mark and Matt

Alumnus of Temple University

Father William Andes was a lawyer.

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