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June Havoc Overview:

Actress, June Havoc, was born Ellen Evangeline Hovick on Nov 8, 1912 in Vancouver, Canada. Havoc died at the age of 97 on Mar 28, 2010 in Stamford, CT and was cremated and her ashes scattered in the garden of her home in CT.



She was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the categories of Television and Motion Pictures. In addition, Havoc was inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame .

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June Havoc Quotes:

Leona: What did you take as a seditive before you met me?

Darlene: If I get mad, I'm liable to throw ya a dirty look. And where I look dirty, no grass grows. Ever.

Leslie Quayle: Hi, sailor. Your father working today for a change?
Sonny Phyffe: Yes. You want him?
Leslie Quayle: No thanks, honey. I just want to see him.

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June Havoc on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame

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June Havoc Facts
She once danced in a marathon that lasted four months, with she and her partner winning second place and splitting the $100 prize after 3,000 hours of dancing.

"Baby" June Havoc was very unhappy over the content of her sister Gypsy Rose Lee's musical memoir "Gypsy," which became a monstrous hit on Broadway in the 1950s. The estrangement between the two lasted over a decade and only ended when Gypsy told June she was dying of cancer and wanted to make amends.

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Theater Hall of Fame

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