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Actor, John Loder, was born John Muir Lowe on Jan 3, 1898 in London, England. Loder died at the age of 91 on Dec 26, 1988 in Selbourne, England .



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Kit Marlowe: If you'd just look at Millie's activities as confession of weakness, an admission that there's something essentially lacking in her nature, you'd find it a little touching and love her.
Preston Drake: You sound like one of Millie's books.

[Madeline has just introduced her fiancee to Garet and Courtland]
Jack Garet: I don't believe a minute of it. Do you?
Felix Courtland: Garet, you're a very cynical man. You don't believe in true love.
Jack Garet: You don't think Madeline does, too, do you?
Felix Courtland: I don't know, but I've always been facinated by miracles.

Madeleine Damien: My father was very much in love with life.
Felix Courtland: That's a Hungarian custom isn't it.

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John Loder Facts
John (Loder) Lowe, a serving British officer who was in Dublin at the time of the 1916 Rising but was not directly involved in the fighting, did not take the surrender. He accompanied his father, General Lowe, to witness Patrick Pearse surrender to the general. This took place not in front of the General Post Office, Dublin, but at the corner of Parnell Street and Moore Street. There is a photograph which shows the historic moment - Pearse, accompanied by the nurse who carried the ceasefire order to the various rebel outposts in the city, facing General Lowe and his son, John (Loder).

Educated at Eton and at the Royal Military College. He served with the 15th Hussars as a second lieutenant in Gallipoli.

Father of Antony Loder.

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