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Actor, John Loder, was born John Muir Lowe on Jan 3, 1898 in London, England. Loder died at the age of 91 on Dec 26, 1988 in Selbourne, England .



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John Loder Quotes:

Madeleine Damien: Why do you always hound me? You know I despite you and everything you stand for.
Felix Courtland: There's always a chance I may be able to improve your opinion, and your manners.

Detective Sergeant Ted Spencer: [trying to calm crowd down demanding their money back after a power outage] It's an act of God, I tell you!
Member of Cinema Crowd: And what do you call an act of God?
Detective Sergeant Ted Spencer: I call your face one, and you won't get your money back on that.

Ianto Morgan: We are not questioning your authority, sir, but if manners prevent our speaking the truth, we will be without manners.

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John Loder Facts
Educated at Eton and at the Royal Military College. He served with the 15th Hussars as a second lieutenant in Gallipoli.

His father, General Lowe, was the British officer to whom Patrick Pearse, the mystical Catholic zealot and lead rebel of the Irish 1916 Rising in Dublin, surrendered, according to Colm Connolly who wrote a superlative book about Michael Collins.

Maternal grandfather was Sicilian, but became a British subject as his family did not accept his marriage to his younger sisters' British governess (Loder's grandmother).

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