Job Actor
Years active 1946-87
Known for Scientists, period aristocrats, Nazi officers, prison wardens, upper-class crooks, mad professors
Top Roles Caius, Decius Brutus, Bill Finlay, Dr. Willard Benson, Stacy Grant
Top GenresDrama, Crime, Romance, Film Noir, Adventure, Action
Top TopicsWorld War II, Gangsters, Book-Based
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Shares birthday with Louise Dresser, Larry Fine, John Alton  see more..

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John Hoyt Overview:

Character actor, John Hoyt, was born John McArthur Hoysradt on Oct 5, 1905 in Bronxville, NY. Hoyt died at the age of 86 on Sep 15, 1991 in Santa Cruz, CA .


John Hoyt was a former historian and drama teacher who only became a full-time actor after World War II. He played scientists, period aristocrats, Nazi officers, prison wardens and upper-class crooks, as well as a few mad professors in horror films. He has also done impressions in nightclubs, and was the Warden in the movie "Brute Force".

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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John Hoyt Quotes:

Chata: You white eyes want us all dead, but when I die, it will not be as a reservation Indian. I will die Apache - killing my enemies.

Sydney Stanton: All right. I'm in here safe and sound. Go outside and read the magazines.

Sydney Stanton: Your salvation doesn't interest me; mine does.

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John Hoyt Facts
One of the very few actors to have appeared in both the original Star Trek series and the original Battlestar Galactica.

Graduated from Yale and first performed comedy routines in nightclubs before making his bow on stage in the late 1920's. Broadway debut followed in 1930 with the play "Overture", under his original name John Hoysradt. Was a member of the Mercury Theater from 1937 until called up for military service in 1945. Thin-lipped and silver-haired hard-case or villain of many a 1960's or 70's TV episode.

He was the television spokesman in a series of Midas Muffler commercials in the 1960's.

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