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John Hodiak Overview:

Actor, John Hodiak, was born on Apr 16, 1914 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Hodiak died at the age of 41 on Oct 19, 1955 in Hollywood, CA .



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Radio.

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Lucky Star:

By shadowsandsatin on Dec 14, 2011 From Shadows and Satin

According to , his film career was sheer luck.??I?ve always been a firm believer in the Fates,? he once said. But luck was not on his side when Hodiak, hailed near the start of his career as ?another Gable,? went from leading man to supporting player in a matter of years and, later, was f... Read full article

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John Hodiak Quotes:

John Kovac: [after the young German sailor pulls a gun] The baby has a toy!

Gus Smith: A guy can't help being a German if he's born a German, can he?
John Kovac: [referring to Willie] Neither can a snake help being a rattlesnake if he's born a rattlesnake! That don't make him a nightingale! Get him out of here!

[Standing next to a B-17 starting up]
Col. Edward Rayton Martin: Well... see you later.
[Col. Martin runs to get aboard the bomber]
Col. Edward Rayton Martin: Keep your temper with the big wheels!
Brig. Gen. K.C. 'Casey' Dennis: What?
Col. Edward Rayton Martin: I said; keep your temper with the big wheels! I don't want to get back and find you with a Legion of Merit and a ticket home!

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John Hodiak on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame

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John Hodiak Facts
He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Radio at 6101 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.

Born at 4:30pm-EST

Father of actress Katrina Hodiak from his marriage to actress Anne Baxter.

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