Job Actor, director, cinematographer, screenwriter, editor, producer
Years active 1943-1990
Top Roles Police Stenographer, Joshua, Taha, Nick Romano, Minor Role
Top GenresDrama, Action, Adventure, Romance, Crime, Western
Top TopicsBook-Based, Christmas, Period Piece
Top Collaborators (Producer), , (Director), (Director)
Shares birthday with Cecil B. DeMille, Jane Wyatt, Ralph Nelson  see more..

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John Derek Overview:

Actor, John Derek, was born Derek Delevan Harris on Aug 12, 1926 in Hollywood, CA. Derek died at the age of 71 on May 22, 1998 in Santa Maria, CA and was cremated and his ashes given to family or friend.



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Television.

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John Derek Quotes:

Ginny Clay: They murdered him, Brock, and if you don't settle with yourself, desert your own brother... You can't let Trace's life go for nothing... and I wouldn't love a man who could.
Brock Mitchell: I can't touch a gun again.

Jet Cosgrave: My father told me when I was 21, I'd get the ranch. If the will says something other than that, it's a forgery.
Andrew Devlin: That's a strong accusation! Can you prove it?
Jet Cosgrave: No.
Andrew Devlin: Then I'm afraid there's no legal way for you to get the Circle C.
Jet Cosgrave: I thought you'd say that. A lawyer's opinion. But I'm no lawyer.

Joshua: Praise God, I have found you!
Moses: Joshua? I thought you dead.
Joshua: In the copper mines of Sinai... the living are dead.
Moses: Sephora, bring water. How did you find me?
Joshua: A merchant buying copper saw you in the tent of Jethro.
Moses: [Moses softly tapped Josha's back] Here, you too will find peace, Joshua.
Joshua: [a stunned look came over Joshua's face, as he almost crossed his eyes] Peace? How can you find peace or even want it, while Rameses builds cities mortared with the blood of our people?

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John Derek Facts
He photographed wives Ursula Andress, Linda Evans and Bo Derek for Playboy magazine.

Father of Sean Catherine Derek. She wrote a biography titled "Cast of Characters" detailing what it was like having John Derek as a father and Ursula Andress, Linda Evans, and Bo Derek as step-mothers.

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