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Actor, John Davidson, was born John Hamilton Davidson on Dec 25, 1886 in New York City, NY. Davidson died at the age of 81 on Jan 16, 1968 in Los Angeles, CA .



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[first lines]
[sound of a huge gong omninously echoes down the valley]
Billy Batson: What's that, Mr. Howell?
Howell [Ch. 1]: I don't know, Billy - let's find out. What do you make of that cymbal, Malcolm?
John Malcolm: I don't know, Howell. Does it mean anything to you, Tal Chotali?
Tal Chotali: The men of the hills are gathering. The cymbal says that the white men are to be driven from the Valley of Tombs.

Lucifer: I begin to see your plan. By creating a reign of terror, you can force the city to accept any demands you make!

Angie Duke: [singing] Are we dancing, are we really here? Is this feeling something real, or will it disappear? Are we dancing, does the music soar? Was this lovely song I hear, ever heard before? Are your eyes confessing things I alone can see? Or is my imagination flying away with me? Are we dancing? Say, we really are! Then I'll know that I, reached into the sky, I reached into the sky, and touched a star!

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John Davidson Facts
Attended White Plains High School, graduating in 1959. Voted Best Looking in high school yearbook.

Member of Delta Upsilon fraternity.

He was the headlining performer at the Beverly Hills Supper Club, in Southgate, Kentucky, on the night of May 28, 1977. At approximately 9 PM that night, a fire began to rage through the club, eventually resulting in the deaths of 165 people. It was the second worst club fire in American history. John, fortunately, was not harmed.

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