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Character actor, John Astin, was born John Allen Astin on Mar 30, 1930 in Baltimore, MD. As of December 2017, John Astin was 87 years old.



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John Astin Quotes:

T.M. Christian: I know what the kids call me behind my back.
Candy Christian: The kids don't call you anything behind your back, daddy.
T.M. Christian: That's exactly what I mean. All the other teachers in this school have nicknames. I'm just plain old Mr. Christian.

[the judge is reading the long list of charges brought against Henry Tyroon et al]
Judge: Mr. Vanson, this indictment seems to be a little enthusiastic!
Hector Vanson: Well, they're a pretty slippery bunch, your honor. I had to throw the book at 'em.

T.M. Christian: Now look you people! This isn't some godforsaken border town where you can just, uh, go about as you please and, and bother innocent people and do... do... do... Mexican things!

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John Astin Facts
Attended Washington and Jefferson College, graduated from Johns Hopkins University and did graduate work at the University of Minnesota.

Children: (with Duke) Mackenzie Astin; (with Hahn) David Astin, Allen Astin and Tom Astin. Son Sean Astin is adopted; and Sean and Mackenzie are actors.

Three generations of his family have worked with director Peter Jackson. He appeared in The Frighteners (1996), while his son Sean Astin appeared in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Sean's real-life daughter, Alexandra Astin, played the daughter of his character in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003).

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