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John Anderson : Classic Movie Hub (CMH)
Classic Movie Hub (CMH)

Job American actor and director
Years active 1950-1992
Top Roles Abraham Lincoln, California Charlie, Pirate of the Spanish Main, Salesman in Horseshoe Saloon, Sgt. Buell
Top GenresWestern, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Romance, Thriller/Suspense
Top TopicsBook-Based, World War II, Gambling
Top Collaborators (Director), , , (Director)
Shares birthday with Margaret Dumont, Rex Ingram, B?la Lugosi  see more..

John Anderson Overview:

Character actor, John Anderson, was born on Oct 20, 1922 in Clayton, Illinois. Anderson appeared in over 235 film and TV roles, mostly TV. His notable film appearances include playing Elder Hammond in Ride the High Country (starring Joel McCrea and Randolph Scott), and California Charlie (the used car salesman who helps Janet Leigh) in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.. Anderson died at the age of 69 on Aug 7, 1992 in Sherman Oaks, CA .


Lean, laconic and lantern-jawed, John Anderson looked a certainty for fanatical Confederate colonels and powers behind the thrones of western towns. In his early years, he spent more than three years acting on a Mississippi showboat, only leaving to serve with the Coast Guard during World War II. He appeared fairly regularly in films from the late 1950s, mainly in westerns, but was most prolific on television.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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John Anderson Quotes:

Captain Jefferson Addis: I'll take the horse. Don't be a fool, Mr. Forbes. Turn around! Alive, you can still walk. Dead, you can only lay down.

Owen Forbes: They're deserters!
Lorne Warfield: Well, is that a fact?
Captain Jefferson Addis: Renegades is a better word. It implies a spirit of adventure. Desertion is cowardly. We're not that.

California Charlie: It's the first time the customer ever high-pressured the salesman. I figure roughly... your car plus seven hundred dollars.
Marion Crane: Seven hundred dollars?
California Charlie: You always got time to argue money, huh?

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