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Actor, Jock Mahoney, was born Jacques O'Mahoney on Feb 7, 1919 in Chicago, IL. Mahoney died at the age of 70 on Dec 14, 1989 in Bremerton, WA .



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Tarzan in Thailand--or Why May Be My Favorite King of the Jungle

By Rick29 on May 9, 2018 From Classic Film & TV Cafe

Hey TCM, how can you show a Tarzan movie marathon without including at least one of 's exotic jungle adventures? I understand that Johnny Weismuller reigns supreme as the favorite Tarzan among classic movie fans. But personally, I prefer , whose intelligent, athletic hero is... Read full article

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Jock Mahoney Quotes:

Preacher Jason: That man is a creature of hell. If he stays here, he'll turn this town into a hell.
Marshal Allan Burnett: But he can't do it alone. Our problem is to keep him from stampeding us into helping him.

Brad Ellison: You wanted to see me?
John Forbes: I wanted to see the winner.
Brad Ellison: Nobody wins in a gunfight.

Maria O'Reilly: Do you know that every time you look at me, I feel like I am running around without any clothes on?
Brad Ellison: Gonna get mighty chilly when the sun goes down.

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Jock Mahoney Facts
He had two children with Lorraine O'Donnell: Kathleen & Jim.

The movies' oldest Tarzan. (He was 44 when he filmed Tarzan's Three Challenges (1963)).

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