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Character actor, James Westerfield, was born James A. Westerfield on Mar 22, 1913 in Nashville, TN. Westerfield died at the age of 58 on Sep 20, 1971 in Woodland Hills, CA .



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James Westerfield Quotes:

Schmidt, the Hangman: You haff last request?
Prisoner: Sure would like me a chaw of tobacco. Whats the matter, hangman; afraid I'll choke to death and you'll lose your hangin' fee?
[Schmidt gives him a chew]
Prisoner: Umm! Put it in my pocket
[Schmidt complies and starts to put the hood over the prisoner's head]
Prisoner: Umm! Umm!
[spits out tobacco juice and then nods]

Police Officer Hanson: [to Prof. Ashton] I'm very sorry, Professor, but did our brand-new patrol car get in your way?

Otis, the Bartender: Doc, when you have been tending bars as long as I have, you wouldn't expect so much out of the human race.

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James Westerfield Facts
Wife Fay Tracey was an actress.

Disney film fans will remember him as the dumbstruck police officer and unwitting witness to the incredulous going-ons in several of their most popular comedy slapstick: The Shaggy Dog (1959), The AbsentMinded Professor (1961) and Son of Flubber (1963).

Played tough, blue-collar types, often cops, bartenders or thugs. His best-remembered film role is probably that of "Big Mac" in the classic On the Waterfront (1954).

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