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James Gregory Overview:

Character actor, James Gregory, was born on Dec 23, 1911 in The Bronx, NY. Gregory died at the age of 90 on Sep 16, 2002 in Sedona, AZ .


James Gregory's film career was slow to start after he switched from stockbroking to acting in the post-war years, but in later days he became one of television's most frequent and efficient guest stars in drama series. His gruff voice and soothing manner often concealed villainous instincts, but he also played friendly advisers and unbending superiors. He made up for his late start by notching up almost 40 years as an actor.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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James Gregory Quotes:

Charles 'Bucky' Harris: Good afternoon, sir. Crew's compartment ready for inspection. Harris, Gunner's Mate Second, standing by.
Cmdr. C.R. Ritchie: Good afternoon.
[He looks around, and then opens one of the lockers. On the inside of the door is a picture of a luscious pin-up girl]
Cmdr. C.R. Ritchie: Somebody's kid sister?
Charles 'Bucky' Harris: Sorry, sir.
Lt. John F. Kennedy: He's very sorry, sir.
Cmdr. C.R. Ritchie: Oh, no, no. Don't apologize... the most seaworthy thing I've seen on this boat.

MacDonald: If this works, the planets are next door. And the universe is just around the corner.

MacDonald: [about Big O] Matt, they can brainwash a vacuum cleaner.

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James Gregory Facts
His wife sang occasionally in The Chordettes.

Was a successful stockbroker on Wall Street before becoming an actor.

Appears uncredited in The Atomic Cafe (1982), in archival footage from a military training film.

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