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Actor, James Ellison, was born James Ellison Smith on May 4, 1910 in Guthrie Center, IA. Ellison died at the age of 83 on Dec 23, 1993 in Montecito, CA .



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Anthony Joseph 'Tony' Anthony: I guess ham just brings out the poetry in me. In some people poetry brings out the ham.

Mike: [after being uestioned by the family about Borden's activities] The nocturanal meanderings of the upper lass do not interest me!
Tim Borden: Might as well be civil!
Mike: [Haughtily] Only when civil liberties are in danger.

[last lines]
Robert Curtis: Don't worry, Christy; wolves will never bother you.

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James Ellison Facts
Son Durk, daughter Trudy (True)

In the latter part of his career he owned a very successful home construction business, from which he made far more money than he did by acting. He built many expensive homes in Beverly Hills, and Ellison Drive in that city is named after him.

Best remembered as Buffalo Bill, opposite Gary Cooper's Wild Bill Hickok and Jean Arthur's Calamity Jane, in Cecil B. DeMille's The Plainsman (1936).

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