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Actor, James Darren, was born James William Ercolani on Jun 8, 1936 in Philadelphia, PA. As of December 2020, James Darren was 84 years old.



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James Darren Quotes:

Jimmy Logan: She was beautiful, even though she was dead.

Jimmy Logan: How can you run from a dead person unless you're dead yourself?

Johnny Rico: So maybe I am gonna die. But Eddie, you've got even bigger troubles. You're gonna live.

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James Darren Facts
He is of Italian ancestry.

He was originally not given the Moondoggie character in Columbia Pictures' Gidget (1959) because the role required two songs to sing and Darren had not proven himself a capable enough singer. On his own, he cut a single with the studio's recording subsidiary, Colpix Records, which charted. Columbia changed its mind and gave him the role despite the fact that he couldn't surf and was a weak swimmer. He nevertheless became a huge teen idol and reprised the Moondoggie role in both Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961) and Gidget Goes to Rome (1963), all with different Gidgets: Sandra Dee; Deborah Walley and Cindy Carol.

Also known as a singer and his singing talents are revealed as the portrayal of the hologram Vic Fontaine on a couple of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993) episodes.

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