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Actor, Jack Hawkins, was born John Edward Hawkins on Sep 14, 1910 in Wood Green, London. Hawkins died at the age of 62 on Jul 18, 1973 in London, UK and was laid to rest in Golders Green Crematorium Cemetery in Golders Green, Greater London, England.



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Jack Hawkins Quotes:

Vashtar: When I've conceived a plan, I'll send you word.
Pharaoh Cheops: Good.
[to a servant]
Pharaoh Cheops: Hama, see that he has all he needs.
[to Vashtar]
Pharaoh Cheops: Work swiftly, architect!
Vashtar: That I may die sooner?
Pharaoh Cheops: No, that your people should live!

Pharaoh Cheops: [to a servant] You prepare the fastest camels. I ride for Luxor tonight!

Quintus Arrius: [startled from sleep to find Ben-Hur standing over him] Why are you here?
Judah Ben-Hur: I was ordered to report to you during my relief.
Quintus Arrius: Yes, I had forgotten... You could have killed me as I lay there! You're a condemned man, why didn't you?
Judah Ben-Hur: I'm not ready to die.
Quintus Arrius: What do you think will save you?
Judah Ben-Hur: The God of my fathers.
Quintus Arrius: Your God has forsaken you. He has no more power than the images I pray to. My gods do not help me; your God will not help you.

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Jack Hawkins Facts
Provided the official celebrity opening of the Aldersley Municipal Sports Stadium, Wolverhampton on 9 June 1956. The stadium now forms part of Aldersley Leisure Village.

Made Guns at Batasi (1964), Judith (1966), Masquerade (1965) and Poppies Are Also Flowers (1966) (TV) while suffering from cancer of the larynx. By the time he started filming "The Wednesday Play: The Trial and Torture of Sir John Rampayne (#1.37)" (1965), Hawkins had begun to cough up blood. His final role using his own voice was in a few episodes of "Dr. Kildare" (1961), where he managed to give a very accurate performance as a man who had just suffered a heart attack.

He had a daughter, Susan with Jessica Tandy and two sons, Nicholas & Andrew, with Doreen Lawrence.

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