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J. Farrell MacDonald Overview:

Character actor, J. Farrell MacDonald, was born Joseph Farrell MacDonald on Jun 6, 1875 in Waterbury, CT. MacDonald died at the age of 77 on Aug 2, 1952 in Hollywood, CA .



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J. Farrell MacDonald Quotes:

Susannah Sheldon: What are you making?
Pat O'Hannegan: Never you mind, now. Curiosity killed a cat, you know.
Susannah Sheldon: You shouldn't be sewing. That's a woman's work.
Pat O'Hannegan: Not in the army, doll. That's where I learned it.
Susannah Sheldon: You men on the force should have wives to do things for you.
Pat O'Hannegan: I pity the poor girl that would marry a man in this outfit.
Susannah Sheldon: Why?
Pat O'Hannegan: They're a no-good lot of heartbreakers, they are.

Susannah Sheldon: Here some more ammunition, Mr. Pat.
Pat O'Hannegan: Thank you, doll. Now get down, get down. No, get behind me.

[Cash and Jeff rescue a baby from a deserted wagon]
Cash Holbrook: What have we got that'll feed his gizzard? He can't chaw jerky!
Jeff Cameron: Aw, you don't know nothin'. There's oatmeal gruel and a mite of bacon grease'll see him through.

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J. Farrell MacDonald Fact
He taught acting at the University of Southern California during the mid-thirties. Among his students was USC basketball star Jerry Gracin.

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