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J. Farrell MacDonald : Classic Movie Hub (CMH)
Classic Movie Hub (CMH)

Job Actor, Film director, singer
Years active 1911-1951
Top Roles Stage Passenger, Man Whose Grandfather Planted Tree, The Photographer, Jim Baker, Policeman
Top GenresDrama, Comedy, Romance, Western, Action, Crime
Top TopicsBook-Based, Romance (Comic), Marriage
Top Collaborators (Director), (Director), (Director), (Producer)
Shares birthday with Maria Montez, William Cottrell, Lester Matthews  see more..

J. Farrell MacDonald Overview:

Character actor, J. Farrell MacDonald, was born Joseph Farrell MacDonald on Jun 6, 1875 in Waterbury, CT. MacDonald died at the age of 77 on Aug 2, 1952 in Hollywood, CA .



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J. Farrell MacDonald Quotes:

Wyatt Earp: Mac, you ever been in love?
Mac: No, I've been a bartender all me life.

Inspector Angus 'Monty' Montague: This is Miss Susannah Sheldon.
Susannah Sheldon: Just call me Sue.
Inspector Angus 'Monty' Montague: Now, young lady, we'll have to arrange sleeping quarters for you.
Pat O'Hannegan: Where would that be, sir?
Inspector Angus 'Monty' Montague: Your room.
Pat O'Hannegan: What?
Susannah Sheldon: Am I to sleep with him?
Inspector Angus 'Monty' Montague: Oh, no. Pat can sleep out here on the couch.
Susannah Sheldon: But I wouldn't want to take Mr. Pat's room.
Inspector Angus 'Monty' Montague: Oh, that's all right. Pat'll be very comfortable, won't you, Pat?
Pat O'Hannegan: Oh, yes, sir.

Sheriff Jeb: [Chuckling] Well, Judge, you heard that old saying, "Lucky at cards, unlucky in everything else.
Judge Price: Yeah, at my age a man's just lucky to be alive!
[They both laugh]

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J. Farrell MacDonald Fact
He taught acting at the University of Southern California during the mid-thirties. Among his students was USC basketball star Jerry Gracin.

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