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Character actress, Helen Westley, was born Henrietta Remsen Meserole Manney on Mar 28, 1875 in Brooklyn, New York. Westley died at the age of 67 on Dec 12, 1942 in Middlebush, NJ .



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Helen Westley Quotes:

Mrs. Caroline Drew: Professor, your granddaughter is a remarkable child, an appealing child. As briefly as I've known her, I've become very fond of her.
Prof. Eustace Appleby: That's easy to see, Mrs. Drew, and easy to understand, too.
Mrs. Caroline Drew: In fact, I'm so fond of her, I want to propose something to you, something for her good. I'm going to ask you to let her come and live with me and let me do all I can for her.
Prof. Eustace Appleby: You mean I - I should give Dimples up?
Mrs. Caroline Drew: This sort of life isn't what a child should have. You know that. For all your love and devotion, you aren't helping Dimples. You're hurting her. You may ruin her whole life.
Prof. Eustace Appleby: But I - I love Dimples.
Mrs. Caroline Drew: I know. That's why I'm asking this of you.

Margaret Ridgeway: [to a gendarme who is arresting her husband] I'm his moll. Wherever he goes, I go - gangster talk!

Mrs. Hope: Mind you, he was only twelve! Richard spoke up as quick as a flash, and what do you think he said?
Susan Parker: He said, "You may use my bicycle, Geraldine. I love sports, but I love the principles of manhood more."
Mrs. Hope: I'm afraid I'm boring you.
Susan Parker: I'm sorry, Mrs. Hope, but Richard told me that story the first three times you told it to me...
Mrs. Hope: I tell it not because Richard is my son, but because I thought you, as his future wife, might be interested. Obviously I was mistaken, but mark my words, the time will come when you'll be just as devoted to Richard...
Susan Parker: I am devoted to him, only...
Mrs. Hope: Only you have a peculiar way of demonstrating your devotion!

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Helen Westley Facts
Both she and Edna May Oliver portrayed Parthy Hawks in "Show Boat" - Westley onscreen in Show Boat (1936), and Oliver onstage in 1927 and 1932. Both actresses passed away, within a month of each other, in 1942.

On December 12, 1942, she became the fifth famed character actress to die in within a short span of time, the others being (Dame) Marie Tempest (October 15); May Robson (October 20); Edna May Oliver (November 9); and Laura Hope Crews (November 13).

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