Job Film actor
Years active 1917-1940
Known for Lawyers, judges, sheriffs and mayors
Top Roles Carlson, Second Man on Plane, Judge Samuel Elmer Hamilton, Yacht Captain, Van Ellyn
Top GenresDrama, Comedy, Romance, Mystery, Crime, Musical
Top TopicsBook-Based, Romance (Comic), True Story (based on)
Top Collaborators (Producer), (Producer), (Director),
Shares birthday with Adolph Zukor, Butterfly McQueen, Terry Moore  see more..

Granville Bates Overview:

Character actor, Granville Bates, was born on Jan 7, 1882 in Chicago, IL. Bates died at the age of 58 on Jul 8, 1940 in Hollywood, CA and was laid to rest in Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, IL.


Granville Bates appeared in over 90 films, playing his share of lawyers, judges, sheriffs and mayors. His films include My Favorite Wife (as the judge), Midnight (as Henry McGrath), Brother Orchid (as the Pattonsville Superintendent), and Of Mice and Men (as Carlson).

(Source: article by Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub).

"I'd like to get home and tell my wife about this. She thinks all my cases are boring." -Granville Bates as Judge Walter Bryson in My Favorite Wife.



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Born January 7, 1882 Character Actor ! Character Actor appeared in over 90 films, playing his share of lawyers, judges, sheriffs and mayors. His films include My Favorite Wife, Midnight, Brother Orchid, and Of Mice and Men. I’d like to get home & tell my wife... Read full article

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Granville Bates Quotes:

Judge Walter Bryson: I see nothing wrong with my decision. You presented your brief. The evidence is all here. Yeh it's all here, teething and so forth... What do you want me to do, reverse myself? Now you go to the Court of Appeals -- they're always reversing me anyway.

Van Ellyn associate: But we can't sell rifles to the Indians!
Van Ellyn: I think we can... to peaceable Indians.

Judge Walter Bryson: Who are you?
Stephen Burkett: Well, your honor...
Nick Arden: Oh, he was on the island with her. He's not important to this case.
Judge Walter Bryson: I'll decide what's important to the case. What island?
Nick Arden: The island where my wife stayed for seven years, your honor.
Judge Walter Bryson: They were on an island together for seven years?
Nick Arden: Yes, your honor.
Judge Walter Bryson: Not alone?
Nick Arden: Yes.
Judge Walter Bryson: Hmm. Same island?
Nick Arden: Yes.
Judge Walter Bryson: Is that in the brief?
Nick Arden: No, your honor!
Judge Walter Bryson: Oh, that should be in the brief. That's the most interesting part of the case.

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Granville Bates Fact
Also appeared in Warner Brothers newspaper shorts, 1934.

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