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Actor, Grant Withers, was born Granville G. Withers on Jan 17, 1904 in Pueblo, CO. Withers died at the age of 55 on Mar 27, 1959 in North Hollywood, CA .


Grant Withers was a thick-set aggressively handsome, American tough-guy actor who gave up a career as a reporter to become the rugged lead of minor action films and romantic dramas in the 1920's and 1930s. After 1935 he was mainly seen taking leading roles in serials, or secondary roles in tough outdoor dramas, (1946, My Darling Clementine; 1948, Wake of the Red Witch; 1952, Springfield Rifle). He was married to actress Loretta Young (second wife,1930-1931, annulled). He committed suicide with sleeping pills in 1959.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Grant Withers Quotes:

Bill White: [Slapping the more-than-ample derriere of the waitress while her back is turned] How are you, Davenport?
Waitress: You stop callin' me that!Honest to goodness, you're gettin' something fierce!
Bill White: Hog wild, Baby, and no foolin'. Scramble three and a cup of jamocha.
Waitress: [Yelling to the cook offscreen] Scramble three in a hurry - it's Bill White!
[to Bill]
Waitress: Bread or toast or maybe you'd like a bun?
Bill White: [Implying a double entendre] No, had one last night.

Sgt. Maj. Timothy Quincannon: [to the troop] Is there any man here from Texas?
Trooper Daniel 'Sandy' Boone: Yes sir; I'm from Texas. Name's Boone... Daniel Boone.
U.S. Deputy Marshal: Daniel Boone? That sounds familiar, don't it?
[looks through circulars]
U.S. Deputy Marshal: Name's Tyree!

[repeated line]
Bill White: [while offering a stick of chewing gum] Have a little chew on me...

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Grant Withers Facts
Was a salesman for the Standard Oil Company and worked for the Los Angeles Record newspaper before acting. His first assignment was covering the funeral of actor Wallace Reid. He quit after finding work as an extra in films.

He eloped with Loretta Young in 1930 when he was 25 and she was just 17, shortly after appearing together in the film The Second Floor Mystery (1930). He was not Catholic, and they were not married by a priest. The scandal caused a sensation. Loretta was able to obtain an annulment since the marriage was invalid in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

Buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. His grave marker reads 1905 (not 1904) as his year of birth.

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