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Character actor, Gerald Mohr, was born on Jun 11, 1914 in New York City, NY. Mohr died at the age of 54 on Nov 9, 1968 in S?dermalm, Stockholm .



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Philip Tierney: Come on, honey.

Scorpion: The discovery he is referring to concerns the five lenses that fit into the arms of the Golden Scorpion you see before you. With the lenses in place, the sun's rays can be utilized to change inert material into powerful explosives and to turn base metals into gold. Whoever controls this device will have power such as men have dreamed of since the beginning of time.
Barnett [Ch. 2-10]: And it's my job to get the lenses. Tell me who's got them and I'll get to work.
Scorpion: Oh, it won't be so easy, Barnett. The lenses were divided among the scientists who have hidden them carefully.
Barnett [Ch. 2-10]: But you are one of these men. That's gonna help us!
Scorpion: Naturally. We're holding a meeting at Professor Malcolm's house today. I want you to see that Henry Carlyle does not arrive at that meeting. His lens is the first point of attack.

Col. Thomas O'Bannion: See anything?
Dr. Iris 'Irish' Ryan: Nothing. Everything seem to be dead out there. It's like a nightmare of unending silence.
Col. Thomas O'Bannion: I know, we all feel it.
Dr. Iris 'Irish' Ryan: Then it isn't just me, because I'm a woman?
Col. Thomas O'Bannion: Women don't have any monopoly on fear. Men are more afraid of being called cowards. Cowardice is one thing I guess we can never forgive ourselves.

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Gerald Mohr Facts
Was one of seven actors to portray "The Lone Wolf" in mystery B-movies. Others included Melvyn Douglas, Francis Lederer, and Ron Randell. The television "Lone Wolf" was played by Louis Hayward.

Perhaps the only person to voice a character from both DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Besides being the voice of Green Lantern (DC) he was the voice of Reed "Mr. Fantastic" Richards (Marvel) in Hanna-Barbera's "Fantastic 4" (1967) animated series.

Played the piano in various episodes of "Foreign Intrigue" (1951) and is credited as being the composer of "The Frontier Theme" featured in the episode "The Confidence Game". He can also be heard playing the melody in other episodes.

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