George Macready Overview:

Character actor, George Macready, was born George Peabody Macready Jr. on Aug 29, 1899 in Providence, RI. Macready died at the age of 73 on Jul 2, 1973 in Los Angeles, CA .


George Macready was noted as one of America's most distinctive villains -- a blond, blue-eyed death's head of a man with an aristocratic sneer on the upper lip. Macready created a whole range of polished, distinguished nasties and scoundrels, nearly all with a civilized veneer (1946, Gilda, 1964, Dead Ringer). He died from emphysema just after retirement.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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George Macready Quotes:

Ralph Hughes: Don't huddle way over there in the corner. You should sit closer so that people can see what a handsome couple we are!

Matthew Stoker: That's enough, Rausch. Give him some brandy. Thank you, Rausch.
Gilbert Archer: Did you find the Bibles, Holy Joe?
Matthew Stoker: You know we didn't.
Mrs. Stoker: We really must apologize for Rausch, Mr. Archer. He's our most devoted convert and I fear at times a little over-zealous.
Matthew Stoker: The Bibles, Mr. Archer.
Gilbert Archer: The money, Reverend. It will take me three days to get them, and I never work for less than four figures a day.
Matthew Stoker: Very well. Here is a retainer of $3,000. You will kindly sign a receipt, just to make the transaction legitimate, which of course it is.
Gilbert Archer: Where can I reach you?
Matthew Stoker: You can't, Mr. Archer. We'll reach you when necessary.
Gilbert Archer: The entire holy trio?
Matthew Stoker: Precisely. The balance will be paid after you have delivered the Bibles to us. In the meantime, remember this receipt, if you should decide to call the police. My dear...
[motioning for his wife to prepare to leave]
Matthew Stoker: Oh I wonder, Mr. Archer, if you would do me a slight favor.
Gilbert Archer: Now just name it, Reverend. After all, we'll in business together.
Matthew Stoker: Thank you. Would you be kind enough to mention in your column that the Reverend Matthew Stoker and his very charming wife are spending the season in New York? Thank you.

Leo Kingship: Ellen...
Ellen Kingship: Hello, Dad.
Leo Kingship: You're all right?
Ellen Kingship: Better. Much better. And you?
Leo Kingship: If you're better, I'm fine.

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George Macready Facts
He claimed (probably correctly and truthfully) to be a descendant of the great 19th-century Shakespearean actor William Macready.

Though specializing in playing truly evil villains, he was actually a cultured and expert art collector, as was his good friend Vincent Price, with whom Macready was partners in a Los Angeles art gallery.

George had a housekeeper who embroidered the titles of all of George's movies on to an afghan.

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