George Macready Overview:

Character actor, George Macready, was born George Peabody Macready Jr. on Aug 29, 1899 in Providence, RI. Macready died at the age of 73 on Jul 2, 1973 in Los Angeles, CA .


George Macready was noted as one of America's most distinctive villains -- a blond, blue-eyed death's head of a man with an aristocratic sneer on the upper lip. Macready created a whole range of polished, distinguished nasties and scoundrels, nearly all with a civilized veneer (1946, Gilda, 1964, Dead Ringer). He died from emphysema just after retirement.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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George Macready Quotes:

Michael Blake: How come a German speaks such good English?
Count Paul Rona: Who said I was German?
Michael Blake: Well, what are you?
Count Paul Rona: I've changed passports so often, I've lost touch. I was educated in England. My mother was a Czech, my father was a Pole. In those days, the Poles were Russians and the Czechs were Austrians. So you work it out.

Joe Manion: That's very touching. But unless I have my $20,000 by tomorrow morning...
Danny Miller: You'll have one of your gorillas bump me off.
Joe Manion: You've been seeing too many movies.

Morgan Vallin: [Allegro puts crumpled newspapers just inside the door of his room, and he also turns off the lamps so the main switch can't turn them on. This is to give him a warning in case Vallin tries to come into the room. Vallin does try to come in, carrying a bow and arrow, and he makes noise walking on the newspapers] That's a smart trick, Mr. Allegro.
[He flips the light switch, but the lights don't come on]
Morgan Vallin: And that's another smart trick. Are you there, John Allegro? Of course you are, and you know I'd use the sound of your voice to judge your position. Grudgingly, my respect for you mounts, Johnny. Good night. I'll see you in the morning.

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George Macready Facts
George had a housekeeper who embroidered the titles of all of George's movies on to an afghan.

George had three children: Michael Macready (born 1932), Marcia (born 1934) and Elizabeth (born 1938).

Grandfather of US gymnast John Macready and actor Oliver Macready, whose full name is Oliver George Macready.

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