Ernest Thesiger Overview:

Character actor, Ernest Thesiger, was born Ernest Frederic Graham Thesiger on Jan 15, 1879 in London, England. Thesiger died at the age of 82 on Jan 14, 1961 in London, England and was laid to rest in Brompton Cemetery in West Brompton, England.


Ernest Thesiger was an eccentric British character actor, as emaciated as he was animated, who portrayed some memorably grotesque and sometimes quite frightening figures, most notably his Dr. Praetorius, the scientist who kept miniature beings in bottles, in "Bride of Frankenstein. Later, in post-war Britain, he played more routine roles although each had the distinctive Thesiger touch.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Ernest Thesiger Quotes:

Rebecca Femm: What is it? What do they want?
Horace Femm: Allow me to introduce my sister, Miss Rebecca Femm.
Roger Penderel, Philip Waverton, Margaret Waverton: How do you do?
Rebecca Femm: What are they doing here? What do they want?
Roger Penderel, Philip Waverton, Margaret Waverton: How do you do?
Rebecca Femm: What did they say? What do they want? What are they doing here? What's all the fuss about? What?
Horace Femm: You must excuse my sister, she's a little deaf. In fact sometimes quite deaf.

Horace Femm: [picking up a bunch of flowers] My sister was on the point of arranging these flowers.
[He tosses them into the fire]

Sir William Porterhouse: Oh, nothing like roast beef when a man's hungry.
Sir William Porterhouse: Oh, the roast beef of Old England... how does that go? Do you remember that Mr Waverton or was that before your time?
Philip Waverton: Penderel's our song expert.
Sir William Porterhouse: Oh, so you're musical, are you? Well, I've got a bit of a good ear myself...
Horace Femm: [knocking loudly on the table] Have a potato!

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Ernest Thesiger Facts
Thesiger originally played the role of Theotocopolous, the anti-technology rabble-rouser, in Things to Come (1936), but he was replaced by Sir Cedric Hardwicke because the latter was considered more marketable.

He used to lay lilies at the feet of the handsome doorman at the Savoy Hotel in London.

He is interred at Brompton Cemetery in London alongside his father, mother and sister.

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