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Ernest Cossart Overview:

Actor, Ernest Cossart, was born on Sep 24, 1876 in Cheltenham, England. Cossart died at the age of 74 on Jan 21, 1951 in New York City, NY .



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Ernest Cossart Quotes:

Binns the Butler: Miss Penny's just a child, sir...
Harry Loren: I don't want biographies, I want my hat and coat.
Binns the Butler: That poem, sir, "The best-laid schemes of mice and men..."
Harry Loren: I don't want poetry, I don't want mice, I want my hat and coat.
Binns the Butler: Very good, sir, but I do feel...
Harry Loren: Now look here, young fellow. Your eyes have been burning holes in the back of my head all evening. And if I see you looking at me once again I'm going to get very mad and take you apart until I find that little machine that says "Yes sir, no sir, very good, sir," and I'm going to break it, see?
Binns the Butler: Yes, sir.
Harry Loren: Now get my hat and coat.
Binns the Butler: Very good, sir.

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Ernest Cossart Facts
Brother of composer Gustav Holst.

Father of actress 'Valeria Cossart'.

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