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Erin O'Brien-Moore Overview:

Actress, Erin O'Brien-Moore, was born Erin O'Brien-Moore on May 2, 1902 in Los Angeles, CA. O'Brien-Moore died at the age of 77 on May 3, 1979 in Los Angeles, CA .



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Erin O'Brien-Moore Quotes:

Dr. Donald Middleton: Look at this. A few months ago, that would've meant everything in the world to me.
Sarah Boynton: It's the fellowship! Congratulations!
Dr. Donald Middleton: Yeah, congratulations, it's swell.
Sarah Boynton: For once I'm going to talk to you not as your assisstant, but as your friend. It's not worthy of you to act this way.
Dr. Donald Middleton: Please, Boynton, don't interfere.
Sarah Boynton: Don't interfere? Do you expect me to stand idly by and watch you ruin your life? I understand what's going on between your wife and Mr. Brent.
Dr. Donald Middleton: Keep quiet! What right have you...
Sarah Boynton: What right have I? Because I love you.

Mrs. Freda Chatfield: I wish I knew what to do.
Robert Chatfield: About what?
Mrs. Freda Chatfield: You'd hardly understand, Robert, but I am now facing a most urgent problem; the sort of problem that only women have to face. If a man has been dragged back to your house to be told he's a liar, a cad, and a possible thief, oughtn't you to make a few sandwiches for him?

Dr. Donald Middleton: This experiment is only based on a sort of a hunch.
Sarah Boynton: All scientific experiments are based on a sort of a hunch. Backed up with knowledge and effort and patience.
Dr. Donald Middleton: This means a great deal to me, Boynton. If it works, it means the Guggenheim Fellowship. You don't know how much I used to dream about going abroad to study. Heidelberg, Vienna. Magic words once. Now I'm married and have to settle down to being a small-time doctor in a little town.
Sarah Boynton: I know.
Dr. Donald Middleton: At first I thought I might save enough. But then the baby came.
Sarah Boynton: I know.
Dr. Donald Middleton: Oh, I'm not regretting anything, make no mistake about that. My wife and Molly are... Well, I'm a lucky stiff, Boynton. You know that, don't you?
Sarah Boynton: Yes, Doctor.

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