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Emile Meyer : Classic Movie Hub (CMH)
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Emile Meyer Overview:

Character actor, Emile Meyer, was born on Aug 18, 1910 in New Orleans, LA. Meyer died at the age of 76 on Mar 19, 1987 in Covington, LA .



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Emile Meyer Quotes:

Saul Atkins: Tollinger?
Doc Hughes: Might call him a town doctor, too. Ponca was a mighty sick town. Clint operated on it. Patient lost a lot of blood - but lived.
Saul Atkins: Town-tamer!

Lt. Harry Kello: Come back, Sidney... I wanna chastise you...

Jeff Castle: You figure you can tidy up a town single-handed, Mr. Tollinger?
Clint Tollinger: With a little bit of luck, yes.
Saul Atkins: He's been a hundred percent lucky and when it adds up like that, it ain't luck.

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