Elwyn Brook-Jones Overview:

Character actor, Elwyn Brook-Jones, was born on Dec 11, 1911 in Caerphilly, Wales. Brook-Jones died at the age of 50 on Sep 4, 1962 in Reading, England .

Elwyn Jones-Brooks was a chubby, round-faced British actor who often played blue-jowled, sweaty types with a disreputable history. Born in Sarawak, Brooks studied music as a child and was concert pianist at age eleven. After a career in concert-halls and cabaret, he turned to the stage in the late 1930's where began as Shakespearian actor before going into the film industry. One is his most notable role was as Tober in Odd Man Out

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Elwyn Brook-Jones Quotes:

Lukey: [about painting a portrait of the wounded Johnny McQueen] There's something to be said about him before he dies.
Tober: And about all of us.
Lukey: I understand what I see in him.
Tober: What is it?
Lukey: It's the truth about us all.
Tober: Is that all?
Lukey: He's doomed.
Tober: So are we all.

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Elwyn Brook-Jones Fact
Some sources say he was born while his parents were in Sarawak, Borneo

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