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Actress, Elke Sommer, was born Elke Schletz on Nov 5, 1940 in Berlin, Germany. As of December 2022, Elke Sommer was 82 years old.



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GIVEAWAY! On Blu-ray: Paul Newman, Edward G. Robinson and in The Prize (1963)

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The Prize is an unusual film, with a mixed-bag cast and the unique premise of romance and intrigue in the milieu of the Pulitzer Prize ceremony. Starring Paul Newman, and the eternally reliable Edward G. Robinson, it has the rare quality of seeming simultaneously familiar and bizarrely n... Read full article

Talks with the Cafe About Her Movies, Her Art, and How She Earned the Nickname "The Brute"

By Rick29 on Jan 13, 2014 From Classic Film & TV Cafe

A glamorous international star by the time she was 23, has played opposite leading men such as Paul Newman, Peter Sellers, Bob Hope, James Garner, and Glenn Ford. Born in Berlin in 1940, Elke's film career took off when acclaimed Italian director Vittorio De Sica cast her in the 1959 com... Read full article

Happy Birthday: !

By Dawn on Nov 5, 2011 From Noir and Chick Flicks

(born 5 November 1940), was spotted by film director Vittorio De Sica, in Italy and it was not long before she had been cast in several films. At first, she wanted to become an actress to earn enough money for college, after landing many film offers, she decided on an acting career. She ... Read full article

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Elke Sommer Quotes:

Kay Bergdahl: You're wasting your time. I'm not the kind of woman who uses sex as a release or, or even as a weapon.
Frankie Fane: You always talk like that?
Kay Bergdahl: I try.
Frankie Fane: Then do me a favor, will ya, try droppin' it with me, I'm not that smart. You free thinkers confuse me.
Kay Bergdahl: Let me put it this way. I think I have more to offer than just my body.
Frankie Fane: [mocking] Now I understand.
Kay Bergdahl: I am the end result of everything I've ever learned, all I ever hope to be, and all the experiences I've ever had.
Frankie Fane: How many experiences have you had?
Kay Bergdahl: None. But when the right time comes I'll be special for some man. So it's worth waiting for.

Kay Bergdahl: Do you know what I do, Hymie? I count nights. I found a Freudian substitute for counting sheep. I count empty nights.

Maria Gambrelli: Tell me, why do so many men smoke afterwards? No wonder tobacco companies get rich.

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Elke Sommer Facts
Currently lives in Los Angeles, California, and works as a painter, mostly influenced by Marc Chagall.

In the 1960s, while living in Beverly Hills, she and her then husband, Joe Hyams, believed their house to be haunted.

Cousin of Gudy Somer.

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