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Actor, Edmund Purdom, was born Edmund Anthony Cutlar Purdom on Dec 19, 1924 in Welwyn Garden City, England. Purdom died at the age of 84 on Jan 1, 2009 in Rome, Italy .



Edmund Purdom's handprints and footprints were 'set in stone' at Grauman's Chinese Theater during imprint ceremony #109 on Aug 30, 1954.

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Edmund Purdom Quotes:

Nefer: Have you ever looked on a woman before?
Sinuhe: Hundreds, and in the state the gods created them. I'm a physician.
Nefer: Your name?
Sinuhe: I am called Sinuhe. He who is alone. Is this your house?
Nefer: This is my house, and I have guests every evening. I dislike being along.
[claps her hands to summon her servant]
Nefer: Baraka!
[she handles the pendant around Sinuhe's neck]
Nefer: The inscription of the new Pharoah.
Sinuhe: His gift. I must leave now.
Nefer: Why?
Sinuhe: Because men bring you rich presents for as little as a smile.
[indicating the pendant]
Sinuhe: This is all I have.
Nefer: I have never asked a man for anything, but I ask you to stay.
Sinuhe: I can't.
Nefer: Is it because we women of Babylon have a bad reputation? Or do you find me so ugly. Do you?
Sinuhe: You're beautiful, beyond all dreams.
Nefer: Such flattery must come easily to a man who's known... hundreds of women.
Sinuhe: No one before has ever seemed to me so beautiful, so strange. When I look in your eyes, I... feel...
Nefer: What do you feel Sinuhe?
Sinuhe: I feel the fever of Thebes in my blood and I know that I was born to live in the sunset of the world and that nothing matters, nothing, but what I see in your eyes. It's late, I must be leaving.
Nefer: If you go fulfilled with wine and wild thoughts you will surely get into trouble with some designing woman.
Sinuhe: Would you care?
[he follows as she goes into her garden]

King Sveno: [speaking of Harald] I'll make him die a slow death. I want a drop of his blood for each of our soldiers he's killed.

The Viceroy: ...if the young man chooses to be difficult, there are methods other than the whip to loosen his tongue.

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Edmund Purdom Facts
Began acting on stage in 1945.

He worked extensively as a voice dubbing actor for many years - dubbing numerous European (mostly Italian) films into English.

Won the lead role in The Student Prince (1954) after Mario Lanza's weight gain forced him out of the part; won the lead role in The Egyptian (1954) after Marlon Brando turned it down in favor of playing Napoleon in Desirée (1954).

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