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Actor, Edgar Barrier, was born on Mar 4, 1907 in New York City, NY. Barrier died at the age of 57 on Jun 20, 1964 in Hollywood, CA .




Cyrano de Bergerac, Too Much Johnson, Rogues' Regiment, Nob Hill, Arabian Nights, The War of the Worlds, Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror, The Pride of the Yankees, Macbeth and Tarzan and the Leopard Woman.

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Edgar Barrier Film Quotes
Banquo: Thou hast it now: King, Cawdor, Glamis, all. And I fear Thou play'st most foully for it.
-- From Macbeth

Cardinal: I would much rather Monsieur de Bergerac live by the pen than die by the sword. Do you not agree, Antoine?
Antoine Comte de Guiche: [exasperated] By all means, Your Eminence, by all means!
Cardinal: [quoting Cyrano's words to himself, and making sure nobody hears him] "And then, as I end the refrain, thrust home!"

[first lines]
Voice of Terror: [off-screen] Germany broadcasting. Germany broadcasting. People of Britain, greetings from the Third Reich. This is the voice you have learned to fear. This is the Voice of Terror. Again, we bring you disaster: crushing, humiliating disaster. It is folly to stand against the mighty wrath of the Fuhrer. Do you need more testimony of his invincible might to bring you to your knees? Very well. Are you ready, Operative Number 7? This is the Voice of Terror. A secret airplane factory somewhere in England. Listen. Screams of the dying can still be heard. This is the Voice of Terror. Are you there, people of Britain, shivering in your cellars? Listen, Operative 41. The fuse is lighted. Oil to fuel your navy, to feed your tanks, there it goes up in smoke by the millions of gallons. This is the Voice of Terror. Do you still believe that there are secrets unknown to the Fuhrer? Listen. Tonight at 7:10 an important diplomat boarded a train at a little station outside Liverpool. Each split second is accounted for. The rails divide, the train hurtles through the air, the diplomat will make no report in London. This is the Voice of Terror. Englishmen, do you still await your doom in your stupid, stuffy little clubs? It will come, I promise you. Operative 23, the time is now. We strike you on the high seas as well as on the land. This is the Voice of Terror. Englishmen, the Fuhrer strikes you now as he pleases. Water pours through your greatest dams, smashing everything before it, even as our invincible armies roar toward their objectives.

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