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Legendary actor, Curly Howard, was born Jerome Lester Horwitz on Oct 22, 1903 in Brooklyn, NY. Howard died at the age of 48 on Jan 18, 1952 in San Gabriel, CA .



Howard was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Curly Howard Quotes:

Curly: Oh boy, a mummy alligator, I'm going to take him home with me. Boy are you going to look good on my wall!

[after Moe conks Curly in the head with a chisel, and then apologizes]
Curly: Oh, oui, oui, oui, oui.
Moe: Oui what?
Curly: "Oui" ("We") should be more careful about what we do around here... Chisler!
[Moe conks him again]

Mrs. Gottrocks: I hear you have done much traveling. Are you familiar with the Great Wall of China?
Curly: No, but I know a big fence in Chicago!

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Curly Howard Facts
His famous "woo-woo-woo" originated in The Three Stooges short Woman Haters (1934), their first of almost 200 for Columbia Pictures.

During the Long Beach earthquake of 1933, he thought the house shaking was the result of a trick Ted Healy was playing on them, and was found by his brother Moe Howard pounding on Healy's door yelling at him to stop whatever it was he was doing.

After his stroke in 1947, he was left half paralyzed and unable to work, with expensive medical bills. Brothers Moe Howard and Shemp Howard, and fellow Stooge Larry Fine, set aside percentages of their weekly paychecks to help him.

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