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Character actor, Clarence Muse, was born on Oct 14, 1889 in Baltimore, MD. Muse died at the age of 90 on Oct 13, 1979 in Perris, CA .


Clarence Muse was a Black American actor who found himself typecast as handymen or other menials, although he was a law graduate who later moved to acting, writing, and composing. The role of 'Jim' in the 1931 version of Huckleberry Finn established him in Hollywood. He made films there for 50 years, and also founded, or co-founded black theatre groups in New York. His star roles were confined to all-black productions, although he was delightful singing the Oscar-winning "Sunshine Cake" with Bing Crosby and Coleen Gray in Riding High. He died from a cerebral hemorrhage.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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The first time I saw in a movie was in 1972, in the all-black western, Buck and the Preacher, starring Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte. He portrayed a respected, elder member of a wagon train bound for a new territory, who was able to foretell the future by reading a bag of bleached... Read full article

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Clarence Muse Quotes:

Evans the Butler: Do I look pale?
Jules Mason: No.
Evans the Butler: I feel pale.

Tim Washington, the Doorman: The wrong people always likes the wrong people.

Tim Washington, the Doorman: Most all them folks is starving for something, and it ain't food. They comes in here and eats and dances and hugs themselves up to a woman,and for a while they think they're happy. Then they comes out, and the world is just as cold and empty as it was before. That's real starvin', Mr. Ryan.
Officer Ryan: Why, Tim, you're a philospher.
Tim Washington, the Doorman: Am I? You don't say so. That ain't what my wife Mary says. She says I'm just a fool-talkin' old colored man.

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Clarence Muse Facts
Was the first African-American to "star" in a film.

Holding a law degree from Pennsylvania's Dickerson University, Clarence requested that he be addressed as Dr. Muse in later years.

Died four days before the release of his final film, The Black Stallion (1979).

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