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Charles Sellon Overview:

Actor, Charles Sellon, was born on Aug 24, 1870 in Boston, MA. Sellon died at the age of 66 on Jun 26, 1937 in La Crescenta, CA .


Charles Sellon appeared in over 105 films, quite memorably as poor, blind Mr. Muckle in the W.C. Fields’ classic It’s A Gift.

(Source: article by Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub).



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The Film Festival: "Bright Eyes" and "It's a Gift"

By David on Aug 13, 2015 From The Man on the Flying Trapeze

"Bah!" Of all the actors and actresses who appeared in 1930s films, (1870-1937) was certainly one of them. A native of Boston, Sellon made his stage debut in 1901 and his film debut in 1923. He was rarely the lead; skinny and with a long face, with a mouth usually in a frown or scow... Read full article

Mini Tribute:

By Annmarie Gatti on Aug 24, 2012 From Classic Movie Hub Blog

Born August 24, 1870, ! Appeared in over 100 roles but I love him BEST as Mr Muckle in WC Fields‘ It’s a Gift (Norman Z. McLeod). “Open the door for Mr Muckle!” Poor WC! ….. Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub Share this:ShareFacebookDiggRedditStumbleUpo... Read full article

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Charles Sellon Quotes:

Joy Smythe: What are you gonna get for Christmas? I'm gonna get a pink dollhouse with real furniture and a real piano and a tennis racket and a great big doll.
Shirley Blake: I asked Santa Claus to bring me a doll.
Joy Smythe: There ain't any Santa Claus!
Shirley Blake: There is too!
Joy Smythe: There is not! My psychoanalyst told me there ain't any Santa Claus or fairies or giants or anything like that.
Shirley Blake: I'll bet you'd feel pretty bad tomorrow morning if you woke up and you didn't have any presents.
Joy Smythe: Well, I won't. Wanna know why? 'Cause I already peeked in the closet and saw 'em.
Shirley Blake: I don't care what you saw. There is a Santa Claus!
Joy Smythe: There ain't!
Shirley Blake: Mr. Smith, there is a Santa Claus, isn't there?
Uncle Ned Smith: What did she say?
Shirley Blake: She said there isn't.
Uncle Ned Smith: Then there is.

Uncle Ned Smith: You're that aviator, aren't you? Well, I don't like airplanes.
James 'Loop' Merritt: Well, I don't like wheelchairs.
Uncle Ned Smith: You stay in those airplanes long enough, and you'll end up in one! What's he doing here?
J. Wellington Smythe: You see, Uncle Ned, he thinks it would be a good idea for Shirley to go and live with him.
Uncle Ned Smith: What? He wants to take Shirley away? Are you married?
James 'Loop' Merritt: No, I'm not.
Uncle Ned Smith: How much do you make?
James 'Loop' Merritt: Enough to support myself.
Uncle Ned Smith: Where do you live?
James 'Loop' Merritt: At the airport.
Uncle Ned Smith: Where do you eat?
James 'Loop' Merritt: In restaurants.
Uncle Ned Smith: Well, you can't have her!
James 'Loop' Merritt: Oh yeah? Who says so?
Uncle Ned Smith: I say so!
James 'Loop' Merritt: I've got more right to her than you have!
Uncle Ned Smith: We'll see about that!

Uncle Ned Smith: We showed her, didn't we?
Shirley Blake: We sure did. Thanks, Mr. Smith. I like you.
Uncle Ned Smith: Then you're the only one around here that does. They don't like me, and I don't like them, either.

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Charles Sellon Facts
Child: Robert Charles Sellon (31 January 1911-3 April 1997).

Cranky character actor from Broadway who got a lot of mileage out of playing curmudgeons opposite such little notables as Shirley Temple.

Will always be fondly remembered for his enduring classic scenes with W.C. Fields in the film "It's a Gift" playing the blind and nearly deaf Mr. Muckle who, with the help of a cane, hilariously destroys Fields' grocery store.

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